Special chair

The PBC foundation's policy is to work together with WWF-NL and UU to facilitate the activities of the special chair. Activities related to the chair include: teaching, organising seminars, conducting (field) research, writing publications and supervising students and researchers (including postdocs).

Through the chairholders, students and researchers (including postdocs) are made aware of and educated in the importance of international nature conservation, its scientific foundation and the dilemmas occurring in international nature conservation. For scientists, the Prince Bernhard Chairholders are important interlocutors, and they stimulate more research into international nature conservation issues.

Previous chairholders are: Norman Meyers (1987-1992), Jeffrey Sayer (1994-2003), Jack Putz (2004-2009), Bill Laurance (2010-2014) and Jaboury Ghazoul (2015-2020) https://www.uu.nl/en/research/ecology-and-biodiversity/prince-bernhard-chair/prince-bernhard-chair-holders


The customary UU procedures for renewing the special Chair apply.

When a new chairholder is recruited, the UU Appointments Advisory Committee (BAC) which includes members of the UU curatorium, will make a nomination proposal to the Board of the UU.

Prof. Dr. George A. Kowalchuk (UU) is Chairman of the Curatorium.