Past achievements

Over the last 30+ years, the Prince Bernhard Chair contributed to linking conservation science and practice.

  • BSc, MSc and PhD students, including many from developing countries, were trained in conservation issues by Prince Bernhard Chair holders and affiliated lecturers
  • junior scientists from developing countries have been trained in conservation science and now apply their skills at important positions (United Nations, ministries, leading conservation organizations)
  • research and training projects have been conducted on conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems in South America, Asia and Africa
  • PhD theses and scientific articles related to international nature conservation have been published
  • professionals in conservation have attended seminars and lectures by Chair holders
  • strong links between universities, conservation organizations and governments have been created

The Prince Bernhard Chair will continue to serve nature conservation
in the future through:

  • Continuing to improve the science-practice dialogue in conservation and publicize new scientific insights
  • Organizing seminars on current themes in international conservation
  • Teaching courses in conservation science, for both Dutch and international students and researchers