A special bond has been developed with WWF-NL that has resulted in a long-term relationship and important annual donations since 2009. The PBC Foundation is honored that since 9 May 2023 Ravic Nijbroek has been attending the meetings as WWF-NL delegate.

The most recent report that WWF-NL made possible is ‘Forests for the Future – Restoration Success at Landscape Scale: What will it Take and What Have we Learned?’ is a contribution to the Bonn Challenge - a global target to bring 350 million hectares of degraded and deforested land into restoration by 2030. Since the Challenge was set in 2011, 74 governments, private associations and companies have pledged more than 210 million hectares.

The report showcases insights from researchers and practitioners at the coalface of forest and ecosystem restoration around the world on the greatest opportunities, as well as the most fundamental challenges, that need to be addressed in the coming years.

The report is the culmination of work under the last Prince Bernhard Chair, Utrecht University, Professor Jaboury Ghazoul (2015-2020). The PBC foundation is very grateful to WWF-NL who made this extra project possible by putting a lot of effort into it by Monique Grooten and Rosamunde Almond and to have financed it. For the content of the report see: Forests for the Future (PDF).

In addition, the PBC Foundation has entered into a long-term relationship with Utrecht University (hereinafter referred to as UU). Information from the UU about the Chair can be found on the website: