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The pbc foundation
For questions concerning the PBC Foundation, please contact Mr Alex P.J.M. van Hooff: Antoon van Hooffplein 3, 6816 SH Arnhem

The chair
For questions concerning the Chair, please contact the Chair Coordinator Dr M. van Kuijk (E-mail: at her office at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Science of the UU.

Recent news:
Prince Bernhard was a German national and prince and in 1937 he married princess Juliana, who later became the queen of the Netherlands. In the preceding year 1936 he cancelled his membership of the controversial NSDAP political German party. In October 2023 the existance of his membershipcard came in the news due to the discovery of the original membershipcard in his personal archives, which were opened to historians and researchers by His Royal Highness King Willem Alexander. The board of the Foundation Chair Prince Bernhard was taken by surprise by the news and will continuously monitor what the news means for the proper functioning of the Foundation and the Prince Bernhard Chair.